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October 8, 2016

All Guantánamo is Ours movie showing


A Movie showing – Friday October 28th – 7.30 pm
Bethany United Church of Christ - 6230 Beacon Ave S, Seattle
Entrance is free – a collection will be taken after the movie

If people in the United States have heard the name Guantanamo they will most likely associate it with the notorious U.S. military prison camp, situated on the island of Cuba, where hundreds of people were detained and tortured as suspected terrorists in President Bush’s “war on terror”. The debate still continues over how to close the camp and what to do about the remaining 61 detainees. However there is a deeper issue, about the very presence of the base in Cuba.

All Guantanamo is Ours, a 37 minute film in Spanish with English subtitles, shows the perspective and sentiment of the Cuban people, in particular those living in the towns around Guantanamo, about the illegal occupation of the U.S. Naval Base. The film is unique in revealing what the occupation looked like before and after the Cuban revolution in 1959. The protagonists in this documentary are the people living there who with their voices denounce this injustice convinced that one day that territory will be returned to Cuba.

A discussion will follow on the issues raised in the film, and where the Cuban demand for the return of Guantanamo Bay fits into the wider moves to try and normalize relations between the US and Cuba.

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Organized by the Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee and Bethany United Church of Christ

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