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    1994 Loading a truck to send on Pastors for Peace Friendshipment 3

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    2010 Canadian-American-Cuban solidarity at Blaine, WA.

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    2010 Friendshipment 21 Send-off in Seattle

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    2013 Blaine Peace Park welcome to Friendshipment 24

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Cuba Si, Bloqueo No


What: The Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee is organizing a demonstration against the US blockade of Cuba
When: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 4 PM – 6 PM
Where: Federal Building, 909 2nd Avenue, downtown Seattle
Why: We have chosen this time because it coincides with when the United Nations General Assembly will be once again debating a motion from Cuba condemning the blockade.

Text of the flyer we will be handing out on the day:
It feels like every week Trump is coming up with new measures to attack Cuba. The latest was the unilateral canceling of all scheduled flights between the US and 9 airports in Cuba.
Speak out against this - join us on November 6th!

End the United States blockade against Cuba!

For 60 years successive US governments have tried to overthrow the government of Cuba, principally by means of an economic embargo on all US trade with Cuba and repeated attempts to stop Cuba’s trade with the rest of the world.

The Trump Administration is now using punishing legal and financial measures to enforce this broader blockade, implementing additional travel restrictions, and reversing President Obama’s steps towards normal relations.

All the Cuban people are suffering from all these measures. They face many material shortages –gasoline, food and medicine – that affect their health, access to food, and ability to go to work and school. The most vicious current measures are aimed at stopping Venezuela sending crucial oil supplies to Cuba. But individuals and businesses in the US are also facing restrictions on selling goods to Cuba and traveling to Cuba. Plus the US people are denied access to unique Cuban medical breakthroughs such as treatments for diabetes and a vaccine for lung cancer.

Today the United Nations General Assembly are discussing a resolution from Cuba asking to condemn the embargo, and calling on the US to end ALL its coercive measures against Cuba. Last year a similar motion passed by 189 votes to 2 with only the US and Israel voting against. The US refuses to abide by the United Nations rulings.

* cosponsored by Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee, LELO, Collectiva sin Fronteras, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, Socialist Workers Party. *

To find out more about the campaign to end the blockade and travel restrictions, contact:

Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.