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    1994 Loading a truck to send on Pastors for Peace Friendshipment 3

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    2010 Canadian-American-Cuban solidarity at Blaine, WA.

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    2010 Friendshipment 21 Send-off in Seattle

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    2013 Blaine Peace Park welcome to Friendshipment 24

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On July 5 the Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee held a rally at Westlake Park to demand that President Obama lift the economic blockade of Cuba, end the travel ban on US citizens traveling to Cuba, and hand Guantanamo Bay back to the Cuban people.

Westlake Park rally


Westlake Park rally


Westlake Park rally


Westlake Park rally



Friendshipment Caravan 27 Apply Now

This is a critical year in US-Cuba relations. Our attention will focus on advocating for Cuba here in the US. Our Cuban partners have told us that what they need most at this moment are our voices in solidarity.

The 27th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba is coming to Seattle in early July.

The Caravan will educate about the important role US citizens can play in lifting the US blockade of Cuba and the travel ban. We will visit congressional offices and invite caravan event organizers and supporters to join us in these meetings.

We need you to meet with your Representatives and Senators when the caravan comes to your city. Our elected officials need to hear directly from you, their constituents! Members of Congress need to know that they represent people who support Cuba with no preconditions. Many legislators don’t have an opinion on Cuba or know much about Cuba, so this is a great time for you to share with them why you support Cuba and why US-Cuba relations must be fully normalized while respecting Cuba’s sovereignty.

You can also go on the caravan as a caravanista and experience revolutionary Cuba firsthand.

July 5 Caravan kick-off in Seattle
July 5-15 Travel throughout the US for educational events/Congressional visits
July 15-18 Orientation in Mexico City
July 18 Depart for Havana
July 19-29 Program in Cuba
July 29 Return to Mexico City
July 29 Reverse Challenge to the US

**Save this date: July 5 to join our committee in a Seattle rally to demand that President Obama lift the economic blockade of Cuba, end the travel ban on US citizens traveling to Cuba, and hand Guantanamo Bay back to the Cuban people.

Seattle Rally July 5

How you can participate:
* Help the Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee to host the caravan in our community.
* Schedule a meeting with your Representative/Senator’s aide.
* Go on the caravan as a caravanista.
* Sponsor a caravanista.

Request An Application
Contact the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) 418 West 145th Street, New York, NY 10031
tel: 212-926-5757
fax: 212-926-5842
Online contact form:


From March 2nd to 6th, 2016, Seattle had its first visit by a Cuban diplomat since the WTO Ministerial meeting in 1999.

Miguel Fraga


Miguel Fraga, the first secretary of the newly re-established Cuban embassy in Washington, D.C., spoke at nine different events during his four-day visit. The focus of many of his presentations was US-Cuba relations taking in the last 55 years of conflict, the beginnings of normalization in the last 15 months, and what more needs to be done to achieve truly normal relations between our two countries - emphasizing the need to end the US blockade of Cuba, the travel ban on US citizens, and to return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba.

An important aim of the visit was to establish horizontal, people-to-people and organization-to-organization links. Secretary Fraga visited four colleges: Seattle University, University of Washington, Seattle Central College and Pinchot University. At every college event, students wanted to know how their college can interchange with colleges in Cuba. Secretary Fraga also met with business people, lawyers involved with international law, and an African American Baptist congregation, all of whom were interested in building connections with Cuba.

Miguel met with elected officials from King County council, the Washington State legislature, and with Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott. Also noteworthy throughout the visit was the presence of Cuban Americans - anxious to make contact with Miguel and to explore how they can forge improved relationships with their mother country.

Highlights of the visit included the 200 staff and students who came to hear Miguel speak at Seattle Central College, the 100 people who came to the day conference at Seattle University on a sunny Saturday, and the 120 who attended an emotional celebration at El Centro de la Raza as part of the opening of the photographic exhibit documenting the return of the Cuban 5 to Cuba.


Miguel Fraga


Miguel Fraga


Miguel Fraga