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The Alliance for Cuba Engagement and Respect (ACERE) is a national grassroots coalition seeking normalization of US-Cuba ties and opposing intervention in Cuban affairs.

ACERE was created in 2020 out of an ad hoc coalition formed to push Congress for an urgent easing of the sanctions against the island — which were tightened by the Trump administration — to help Cubans confront the economic crisis caused by necessary pandemic response measures. This experience demonstrated the urgent need for a permanent grassroots coalition focused on impacting policy in DC.

We are hopeful that the new Biden Administration, along with Democratic control of both houses of Congress, offers an excellent opportunity to restoration of diplomatic relations between our two nations (as initiated by the Obama Administration) and to promote constructive engagement with both the Cuban government and Cuban people. We are further hopeful that these steps can lead to an end to the cruel U.S. embargo of Cuba, and establishment of normal and healthy relations between the United States and Cuba.

In early 2021 at the outset of the Biden-Harris Administration, ACERE has launched an initiative to lobby President Biden to reverse the Trump Administration’s cruel policies against the Cuban people, and renew mutually productive dialogue with the Cuban government. To facilitate this, ACERE is encouraging supporters to contact their members of Congress (both Senators and Representatives) and request them to sign on to a letter urging the President to use his executive power to make positive changes in Cuba policy. The Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee is actively participating in this project. Please join us!

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