February/March 1994: IFCO/Pastors for Peace 3rd Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba

In 1994, the Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee ramped up its caravan participation:

3rd Friendshipment Caravan


* We collected donated bicycles, school supplies and medical supplies.

3rd Friendshipment Caravan


February 20, 1994: Border crossing rally at the Peace Arch Park on the US/Canada border at Blaine, Washington.

3rd Friendshipment Caravan


February 23, 1994: Send-off event at Seattle's University Baptist Church.

3rd Friendshipment Caravan


February 23, 1994: Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee members load a Friendshipment truck.

From left: Jim McMahan, Bill Brugnoli, (unknown), Judy Zeh, Martha Baskin, Chris Pforr, Doug Barnes.

3rd Friendshipment Caravan


February 24, 1994: Departure from Seattle, heading south

Three members of the Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee went on the caravan to Cuba: Scott Breen (camouflage t-shirt), Yolanda Alaniz (white sweatshirt), and Chris Pforr (white t-shirt).

Seattle Caravanistas


Nationally, this was the largest Friendshipment Caravan ever, carrying approx. 350 participants and tons of donated material aid from across the U.S. and Canada to Cuba.


early March, 1994: Loading the Cuban ship with Friendshipment Caravan aid

Friendshipment Caravan bus driver Rick Fellows on the dock helping to load caravan aid supplies aboard the Cuban ship 'Riefens' in Tampico, Mexico, prior to departure for Mariel, Cuba.

Rick Fellows in Tampico, Mexico


March to June, 1994: Volunteering in Cuba

At the end of the Friendshipment Caravan's 10-day stay in Cuba, Seattle caravanista Chris Pforr was able to secure a visa extension from ICAP (Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples) and spent three months in Cuba, volunteering at a hospital and here with the Cuban Association of Physically Disabled people)(ACLIFIM: Associacion Cubana de Limitados Fisico-Motores).

Chris Pforr with ACLIFIM


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